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On January 10, 1950, Mayor T.C. Chapman & Aldermen declared the need for a housing authority. On the 2nd Day of February 1950, The State of TN recorded a Certificate of Incorporation for the Brownsville Housing Authority. The city of Brownsville appointed the first Board of Commissioners and named the first Chairman and Vice-Chairman to serve.

On September 8, 1950, the board entered a Preliminary Loan Contract with the Public Housing Administration to construct the first sixty units of public housing known as Jefferson Courts 48 units, and Haywood Heights 12 units. Today we have a total of 139 Public Housing Units.

Brownsville Housing Authority is proud of Haywood County.

Among the many things to be proud of is the Ann Marks Performing Arts Center at College Hill, The Park of Dreams, Webb Banks Passive Park, Farmers Market, our beloved Haywood Tomcats and our great school system, The Mindfield, Hatchie Fall Festival, Exit 56 Blues Festival, and our annual Christmas parade. Haywood County is also the home of Tina Turner and there is the Tina Turner Museum. The newest addition to our county will be the Blue Oval Ford Plant and the reopening of our local hospital. 

Board of Commissioners

Danny Murley | Chairman

Sallie Jones | Vice-Chairwoman

Robert Haynes

Delois Jones

Ray Jones


1St Board of Commissioners in 1950

W.D. Cannon | Chairman

Maxwell Bond | Vice-Chairman

J.D. Chapman

R. Solon Hammer

William H. McDow

Public Housing Units

Haywood Heights
12 Units- Occupancy Date 1953

Jefferson Courts Extended
8 Units – Occupancy Date 1959

Cherokee Courts
18 Units – Occupancy Date 1959

Summer Oaks
42 Units- Occupancy Date 1981

Kirby Place
35 Units – Occupancy Date 1991

Birch Cove
20 Units – Occupancy Date 2015

Summer Oaks
Quad-Plex – 4 units – Occupancy Date 2020


As a native and lifelong resident of Brownsville, I am deeply invested in the success of our community. My work as the Executive Director of Brownsville Housing Authority (BHA) provides me the opportunity to assist families with safe, affordable housing while positively impacting lives and bettering our community. I began my career in June 1977 with the Brownsville Housing Authority. I became the Executive Director in 2004. I am the 5th director since 1950. During my 44 years I have been involved in the community by serving on various boards and committees. Under my leadership the PHA has maintained a high performer designation with HUD. I have been successful in receiving various affordable housing program grants, the most recent a Trust Fund Grant from THDA to replace 4 units of public housing with new construction. Under my leadership the Brownsville Housing Authority has demolished 47 Public Housing units and 2 additional buildings, built 101 new units, and renovated all units. I also oversee the agency’s Section 8 Voucher program.

Myself and our board of directors and staff have a goal to improve the affordable housing in Haywood County and to implement programs to help the community grow and succeed.

For more information on the housing program please contact our office. I also encourage you to continue to follow our website that is in the early phases of being developed for the latest news and announcements regarding the Brownsville Housing Authority.


Best regards,

Brenda Lonon
Executive Director